Emma Robinson

Experienced Yoga Teacher and Osteopath (M’Ost).
Qualified under the expertise of Edward Clark, Nikki Durrant, Louise Solomon, April Helen and Yogi Vishvektu.

I’ve been into yoga since I was 19 years old. Over time and from experiencing different teachers I’ve learnt that yoga has the capacity to be whatever one desires. Whether physical, mental, spiritual, whatever the connotation, yoga is a transformative experience.

Anatomy and its beauty in movement is a particular passion of mine. Our bodies are incredible machines, driven by emotions, each of us unique in carrying our stories embedded in tissues, blood flow and brain waves uplifting and haunting our busy heads. Yoga is a wonderful means of moving, becoming moved and to release the build up of tension. It enables us to see our own potential and realise how capable we are when we put our minds to something.

My love and fascination for anatomy, movement and health led to me to becoming an Osteopath. I’m also a performer with the NCDC yoga theatre company – demonstrating yoga as an art form and vehicle to explore the beautiful, the eerie and the wonderful.