Advanced Backbend Day intensive with Nikki and Emma

Backbends are all about the careful balance of strength and mobility. Too much flexibility can equate to instability and too much force can prevent the fullest expression of the pose.

This workshop is all about deconstructing advanced backbends in the Tripsichore technique. Covering wheel pose, Camel, drop backs and working up to our kick overs on forearms and hands. We will also be covering the associated breath work, relevant anatomy and useful conditioning exercises to help prevent over strain associated with these more extreme shapes.

10am – 4pm includes light lunch.

With over ten years of teaching experience of all levels of the Tripsichore Yoga Technique, Nikki has a firm grasp of form, movement and the meditative aspect that one must cultivate to advance their personal asana yoga practice. She is dedicated you helping other practitioners actualise their personal best in their yoga practice no matter their handicap or disadvantage.

Emma is an experienced yoga teacher with extensive training in the Tripsichore technique under the expertise of Nikki Durrant and Edward Clark. She is also an Osteopath and incorporates her knowledge of the body into her yoga teaching.

This OneDay Intensive is for those who:

1. Have a backbend practice and know how to work safely in their own back bend practice without causing pain or injury to themselves .
2. Are looking to deepen their back bend practice and explore its possibilities.
Prerequisites: a regular backbend self practice and, comfortable holding wheel pose.

1.It would be helpful to have a comfortable headstand, and/or forearm balance although not required .
2. It would be helpful if you do not have a fear of falling out of inversions although this could help overcome such fears.
3. It would be helpful if you do not have a fear of drop-backs as we will be working on this.
4.We will not be teaching the basics of backbends therefore this One Day Intensive is not recommended for beginners and/or those who are struggling with acute lower back injuries.